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Cake Sale

Serena, Sarya, Noor and Dana very kindly gave up their time to run a cake sale to support The Foundation. We greatly appreciate this wonderful gesture of support.

The money they have raised will be put towards progressing research with a focus on DIPG. With the continued support of donors like these young girls, The Foundation will be able to help improve and save lives of children affected by brain cancer

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Jenna Hall Fundraising

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Jenna Hall on her amazing efforts for taking part in a series of challenges, which included a silent walk and races over the last six months raising money for The Foundation.

She has raised an incredible £1,141.93. You can still donate here at

A Message of Support
Nizar Fakhoury, a generous supporter of the Foundation and founder of 'Climb for Cancer', is featured in a Jaguar Land Rover advertisement in which he talks about his fundraising for cancer research. Nizar has raised significant funds for the Foundation and we are grateful for his continued support.

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April 2014 Research Update
Professor Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, a leading researcher in paediatric neuro-oncology at Stanford University, shared an article published in the journal Science a few weeks ago. This article can be viewed by clicking on the following link. The article discusses an important mechanism of brain development that, when dysregulated, is believed to be a possible contributor to DIPG. The support of The Lyla Nsouli Foundation is gratefully acknowledged (page 9).

In addition, Professor Monje’s team have recently updated us on some positive developments in the Lyla Nsouli Foundation-funded project “A Combinatorial Approach to Target Cellular Subpopulations in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma”. To date, they have identified a single agent strategy and two combination drug strategies for targeting DIPG. The first agent has been validated in mouse models and is now in consideration for clinical trials with children. The two combination strategies show promising results in vitro and are now being tested in mice models. Finally, in other important news, 3 back-to-back articles about a novel mutation affecting about a quarter of DIPG cases in a gene called ACVR1 were just published in Nature Genetics. The Foundation recently awarded its first UK research grant to a team at The Institute of Cancer Research, led by Dr. Chris Jones, who are exploring the role of this gene in DIPG. Professor Monje contributed to the Science articles led by Dr. Jones and The Lyla Nsouli Foundation is acknowledged for our contribution to this research. To see this article please click on the below link.

January 2014
A second grant of US$300,000 awarded to an international consortium of DIPG researchers
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