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The Foundation has made a further grant of US$200K to Professor Chris Jones to support his continued research into ACVR1 mutations, which will now begin preclinical study of single or combination agent ACVR1 inhibitors.

This is the fourth grant that The Foundation has made to Professor Jones in support of the continued success of his research into ACVR1 mutations in DIPG.  Further to the results of his research creating mouse models of the ACVR1/ALK2 mutation in order to develop a better understanding of how tumours with this mutation behave, he and his team are now ready to undertake a preclinical study to develop single agent or combination inhibitors. The purpose of this latest preclinical study is to produce a robust data package of ACVR1 inhibitors to enable progression to a clinical trial.  Professor Jones and his team will collaborate with “CONNECT”, an international collaborative network of paediatric cancer centres with the objective to improve outcomes for children with newly diagnosed, high-risk brain tumours.  Through this collaboration, Dr Jones and his team will have access to a vast and diverse range of novel agents to screen and test in this preclinical study, supplied by CONNECT’s partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.